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The bright future of Guns of Icarus


I’ll be the first to admit we’ve taken our sweet time to make some announcements concerning the future of Guns of Icarus. For that I apologize, but now that things are well underway and looking good, we figured it’s time to make some brief reassurances.

Early this spring the popularity of the Guns concept became clear and, working with a major partner, we began active development on a follow up to the original Guns of Icarus. This time we’re going all out – the game will be on a much bigger scale, along the lines of an MMO. We will be continuing with Unity and the browser platform, and although its extremely early for details, you can expect to play sometime in 2011.

I hope you guys are as thrilled as we are. For those of you who loved the concept, but yearned for more with the original Guns of Icarus, I dare say you won’t be disappointed.

Note: You can discuss this development and continue to make suggestions (we’re listening) in this user-created forum topic (thanks Superooo!).

Sincere thanks for all your support thus far,
The Muse Team

Guns of Icarus on Steam today! First new title launching in both Mac & PC stores!


Guns of Icarus will be available on Steam today along with the launch of their brand new Mac steam client. As mac users & gamers we’ve been waiting for this one for a long time…But as developers, we’re super excited to be the first new game to launch on Steam with both Mac & PC versions available! An indie game no less! And a lot we owe to Unity, which allows us to simultaneously deploy to both Mac & PC platforms with essentially no effort.
Be sure to pick up your copy at
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Holiday Special! Guns of Icarus only $5 til Jan 1st!


Yes, you heard right folks. Happy Holidays! From now until January 1st a mere fiver gets you a critically acclaimed browser and PC-native, multiplayer equipped, 19 level shooter. But don’t listen to us…


The Guns of Icarus Challenge


Greetings from the dim corner of our office!
After playing Guns of Icarus for a while (Ok, a long while), we’re getting pretty close to figuring out what is humanly possible in game and in the last level, Into the Breach. Well, who knows, after a week, some of you can probably already kick our butts.
In any case, I’m issuing a little challenge the developer wager. For the first 5 people who can beat what’s on the screen shot below in both distance reached AND total enemy planes taken down:
guns of icarus kills
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Giant Wrench FTW


As some of you may have noticed, we’ve unfortunately hit a snag and are being forced to slightly postpone the release of GUNS of ICARUS.

Big apologies for ‘jumping the gun,’ this kind of came out of left field and caught us off guard. Or, in the words of a 16 year old boy: Fail.

We’ll definitely keep you all posted on the situation, and we’ll be back before you know it.

In the meantime, here’s some story panels to hold you over…

Now, if we can just get this giant bolt loose…

Guns of Icarus trailer


*Tears, Blood, Sweat. Here she is.*

Play it in your browser, very soon, only at

Another Muse Game Night this Wednesday! + Guns of Icarus giveaway! October 7, 2009; 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.


As always, we’re inviting gaming fans in the NYC area to come out and play – consoles (on our 50in flat screen & projectors), board games, emulators, and of course, Muse Games’ own browser-based 3D games.

PLUS! First 10 people to arrive get a free copy of our brand new game, GUNS OF ICARUS!

(Don’t Forget: Game Night has moved along with Muse Games (, to our new offices on Lafayette St in Soho.)

Music for Guns of Icarus


Guns of Icarus Logo
We’ve wrapped up the music for Guns of Icarus and loaded it into the game. It’s a sweeping, high energy orchestral movement – that sticks to the analog, steampunk roots of the Guns of Icarus setting.

Listen to a sample here!

And read further about the inspiration to the track here

Our next game: Guns of Icarus


Guns of Icarus Logo

The anticipation has been just killing me, so i’m ecstatic to announce our next 3D browser game, GUNS of ICARUS, arriving in October.

You can check out the teaser here:

You’re gonna need these…



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