Guns of Icarus Alliance

Build your customized steampunk airship, assemble a crew to fly it, and then take on the world in the cooperative online battles of Guns of Icarus Alliance. Choose your role – pilot, gunner, or engineer – as you and three friends control your vessel as a team, then join an online armada and shape the destiny of an ever-changing post-apocalyptic world.

Make your name in head-to-head battle, dangerous raids, or crafty ambushes; the choice is yours. Fight directly against rival player teams, or tackle an advanced AI that constantly learns from your actions. Join one of the powerful factions vying for control of a poisoned land, then climb the ranks to unlock unique rewards.

The story of Guns of Icarus Alliance is always being written. Events within the game will shift borders, topple empires, and create legends – every player has the chance for their daring deeds to be immortalised in the game’s official lore.

Buy Guns of Icarus Alliance for Windows, Mac, or Linux on Steam and on PS4.



  • A vivid steampunk world—Lumbering, heavily-armored airships bristling with guns patrol the skies above a land ravaged beyond repair by an out-of-control industrial revolution.
  • Build your own airship—Starting from a selection of basic hulls, players can mix and match hundreds of custom parts to create their own unique airship, then assemble a crew to fly it.
  • The ultimate co-op experience—Players can take on the roles of pilots, gunners and engineers, working together as a single unit to maximize their airship’s effectiveness and own the skies.
  • Your crew versus the world—Take your airship and crew and pit them against a huge variety of AI-controlled challenges, including escort missions, convoy raids, base assaults and more.
  • AI that learns—The AI won’t take defeat lying down. Dynamic learning systems mean that every battle will teach the AI what tactics you use, increasing the challenge with every fight.
  • Pit crew against crew—In addition to AI-controlled missions, airship crews can also battle one-on-one against other human-crewed opponents.
  • Every battle matters—Rival factions are in a constant battle of wills to take and retain territory and control vital resources. Every victory and defeat will sway the tides of the larger war.
  • Become a legend—The story of Guns of Icarus Alliance is constantly being written based on the results of online gameplay. Achieve a key victory and your name may become part of the lore!