Opportunities at Muse Games

At Muse Games, we believe that we can make a difference by pushing the creative envelope and treating players well. Every person at Muse has a say and has strong passion for the games that are made.

Working at Muse means working in small team of talented individuals who support one another—individuals that care about the medium they work in to create original products.

Currently Hiring:

No openings at this time.

Volunteer Testers

At Muse Games, we are continually working on brand new ideas that we’d like to get initial feedback on. It’s a collaborative experience, both within our teams and with our audience, after all. If you live in the NYC area and would like to visit our office and offer us your time to test our upcoming projects, please sign up below and stay tuned for any updates!


Interested in something else?

Don’t hesitate to send your portfolio, website, and resume to jobs@musegames.com