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Win a Signed CreaVures Poster


TWO CreaVures posters, signed by the artist, will be given away: One to a lucky Facebook fan and the other to a lucky Twitter fan. YOU MAY ENTER BOTH CONTESTS. To enter create a caption for this image.

On Facebook, follow us and enter the caption as a comment to the contest entry.

On Twitter enter the contest by following us and tweet @MuseGames with the caption!

Muse Snapshot May 19th


How do we help Conrad express his frustrations?
This is how:

This is how we act out work, through Creavures

Survival of the Fittest


As my first official act as “the new guy” (Hi everyone) I shall pose what could be a life saving question to everyone.

Before we get to the question, let me set the scene.

You’re working in a large sporting goods store and are the last employee- locking up for the night when… THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE HAPPENS!

What do you take with you?

A side note: This sporting goods store does NOT have a hunting section.  My Alaskan native girlfriend was confused that not all sporting goods stores carry rifles and bear traps.

Good luck in post-apocalyptia!

-Joe “The New Guy”