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Extreme Sledding for the iPhone!


Extreme Sledding iPhone
You can now enjoy an (even better!) version of your favorite alpine racing game, Extreme Sledding, on your iPhone and iPod Touch!

Extreme Sledding iTunes
Featuring 15 different levels across 3 mountains, a medal unlock system, and finely tuned physics-based controls for intuitive gameplay. Unlike other games that use the accelerometer technology, Extreme Sledding incorporates a sophisticated “absolute steering” model, where 1:2 tilting ratio on the iPhone results in more response in-game control. This adjustment is the “secret sauce” that brings players to Yeti tobogganing nirvana!
We’ll see you on the slopes!

Extreme Sledding: Tips & Tricks


Boost Extreme Sledding
Boost out of the starting gate
Hitting the Up-Arrow key activates your boost, indicated by the intensity of the blue snowflake in the upper left. Always boost out of the starting gate – it squeezes an extra second off your time and let’s you get a leg up on your competitors. Plus Yeti likes going fast, why disappoint him? Read the rest of this entry »

Ms. Pixel approves Extreme Sledding!


Ms. Pixel approves Extreme Sledding!

Ms. Pixel of, attended one of our early game nights and had this to say about our racing game, Extreme Sledding:

I played a skiing game that involved a Yeti. The controls were simple which made the game easy to pick up. I absolutely adore the design in the game. And the Yeti was so cute! If the multiplayer setup is anything like then the game should be fun to play with your friends.

We spoke to Yeti. He was speechless, rambled something on about how he couldn’t believe his fur had to look so mottled on that day. But for us, that was one of our first reviews, and it was great to hear positives from early on. Check out the rest of her friendly and entertaining musings at Great to see a female gamer leading the charge!