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Muse Games on Geek Nights!


Geek Nights

Our talented developer Alex and artist Emily were interviewed by Rym & Scott on their podcast Geek Nights. Hear the interview and learn about the creation of Elementia and more stuff that real game developers do!

Geek Nights Podcast

Elementia Trailer


As you may have noticed, we just released a new 3D game, Elementia. Elementia is a turn-based strategy game. You can play solo or co-op against the computer-controlled Plague, or competitively against one another. There’s also 7 different characters to try with unique abilities – a few of which you can pick up in the brand new Muse Store! Login or Register to spend your 25 free Tokens.

New stuff coming your way #2


Muse Games store
Introducing the Muse Store!

The Muse store will be a game-tickling grab-bag of upgrades and player customizations. Add some tokens and you’re in business.

Going live, along with our new 3D game, Elementia, next week!

If you like Settlers of Catan…


Settlers of Catan

We’re Settlers fans here at Muse Games (in fact that’s our Game Night office-copy pictured here), so imagine our surprise when a Settlers of Catan expose popped up front and center on German board games have long enjoyed a fairly prominent subculture, and granted Wired doesn’t exactly rep the mainstream, but it’s definitely nice to see it break the glass ceiling (Wood for Sheep FTW).

Which leads me to my next, possibly more important point, which is that, if you like Settlers, you’ll love our next game! Elementia is a combination of a number of the elements (no pun intended) that make german board games so fun to play. This is still mostly under wraps, but I thought I’d whet your appetite with a quick screen of our next release!

Elementia Title Screen