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20 Minutes


The artists at Muse Games know how important it is to keep our artistic abilities honed to a fine edge, but it isn’t everyday we’re required to march into “art battle”. Somedays only require us to layout UV sets, tile textures, bake ambient occlusion maps or go on a dreaded “icon binge”. Usually a studio will make their interns/slaves do this mind-numbing work but because we’re a smaller operation, we have to do these degrading tasks ourselves. To make sure we’re ready for the next “art battle”, everyday we take a 20 minute break from whatever we’re doing to create a painting and get as far as we can. Sometimes we even manage to trick a few non artists to join us. Here’s a sample of what we’ve been up to:

“Alaska Samurai Monkey”

Derek Chow, Lead Animator

“Cyclopes Cannibal with Lazer”

Brian Kehrer, Game Designer

“Undead Kickboxer”

Da Sol Lim, Art Intern

“Rogue with Helmet and Cape”

Eugene Chu, Modeling and Texture Artist

“Rocket Guard Frog”

Howard Tsao, CEO

“Render from Shape”

Tim Doolen, Lead Artist

“Concept from Shape”

Jon Lin,  Modeling and Texture Artist

“Deadly Old Paladin”

Alex Jarocha-Ernst,  Lead Engineer


Chris Piron, Modeling and Texture Artist

“Brush Study”

Carolina Moya, Lead Artist

“Bouncing Ninja”

George Simpson III, Technical Artist

“Alaska Monkey Samurai”

Emily Compton, Lead Artist

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